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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 01Actress Alison Brie attends the Yeohlee Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 16, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG) *** Local Caption *** Alison Brie.Actress Alison Brie arrives at the Pre-Golden Globes DPA Gifting Lounge hosted by Nathalie Dubois held at the The Peninsula Hotel on January 9, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 02Alison Brie got her lucky break as a minor character on Hannah Montana, then moved on to a recurring role on Mad Men and a permanent role on Community. she was also featured in Scream 4, a feeble attempt to revive what had been a fun horror franchise. Her character did not make it through the whole film. I barely did myself. But she is hot, no?

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 03Community' Stars Alison Brie & Gillian Jacobs Wrestle Alison Brie, the American actress and star of cult-comedy series 'Community', appears in a raunchy new pin-up shoot for GQ magazine. Joined by co-star Gillian Jacobs, Alison struck various suggestive poses for the magazine's comedy issue.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 04Alison Brie is easily becoming one of the hottest girls in Entertainment. There are few girls out there as hot, nerdy, fun and talented as Alison Brie. Hot chicks everywhere should strive to be her. So, in honor of one of the greatest up and coming ladies in television, here are the 13 sexiest Alison Brie pictures, videos and GIFs, ranked by hotness. Numbers 11 - 13 will blow your mind. Check out the Top 100 Hottest 2011 list by Maxim to see how Alison ranks.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 05Alison Brie was gunning it. A guy she liked had invited her to a concert. She'd been stuck late at work, and he was saving her a spot at the venue while she raced over and . . . There went the car. Out of gas. Great. So she called him from the side of the road. "He got so mad at me!" the 26-year-old actress says, still indignant. "He gave me such a hard time and made me feel really guilty about possibly missing this date. So I felt obligated to go." Which meant hiking a mile to buy gas and then showing up at the concert hardly in the mood to rock, which he clearly didn't notice. "And then he was all bummed that I didn't take him up on his offer to drive us both back to his place."

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 06A word about Brie: Her roles are all wrong. Upright housewife Trudy Campbell on Mad Men? Uptight student on Community? How she manages to reel herself in is remarkable. In real life, Brie is all over the place: a loud, theater-trained art-school grad raised by "hippie parents," energetic on just an hour of sleep, best-friend-hanging- on-your-couch cool. At our photo shoot, her top literally fell off in front of everyone, and she just shrugged, amused, as all eyes sunk south. (Jealous you weren't there?)

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 07But after enough dates with the likes of Concert Guy, she's suddenly . . . traditional. "There's something to be said for a man who'll pick you up for a date— actually drive to your house and ring your doorbell," she says. "In high school I dated emo guys who were sort of effeminate or androgynous. But after college, something clicked and I started dating men from the Midwest, men who shot guns and hunted. I think it's carnal to be attracted to a guy who looks like a man, who has hair on his body and smells like a man."

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 08But not so strange, really. This is what happens after enough bad dates: Women begin looking everywhere for signs of maturity. They're not judging you—they're protecting themselves. Soon, every indicator matters. Sense of humor. Reading habits. Table manners. Ties. (Seriously, ties!) Brie—understandably, after spending three seasons deep in the 1960s on cable's AMC channel—prefers that era's skinny ties. She thinks they make men look as if they put thought into their attire. "I don't like how men these days dress like they're 15 until they're 60," she says.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 09Alison Brie is best known for lending thecharacters she plays a certain steely sweetness: Dutiful wife Trudy Campbell in Mad Men is full of simmering ambitionand chipper college student Annie Edison in Community knows how to get what she wants. In Scream4 , however, Brie’s character is all steel. In the latest installment of thehorror series, Brie is Rebecca Walters, the conniving publicist of NeveCampbell’s leading lady Sydney Prescott. Sydney has returned to Woodsboro,the scene of the "Ghostface" murders of ten years ago, in order to promote aself-helpy memoir she’s written about being a survivor. Brie’s ruthless Rebeccais absolutely thrilled when Ghostface returnsto terrorize Woodsboro with his stabby ways. More serial killing means Sydney’sbook will sell even more copies!

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 10Alison Brie : Absolutely. I do feel drawn tocharacters that really are really high energy. Maybe it says something about me—I’ve alwaysbeen high energy and singularly focused, but for me it’s been on acting, not onevil. The tie-in with all these characters is ambition. Rebecca is focused to thepoint of lacking sensitivity to others. Annie used to be more focused on herstudies, but she has become more emotional, and she’s very distracted, by boys,or dramas in the study group. Trudy mellowed out when she was pregnant, andthen sort of snapped back into it when she had the baby—the thing that she’sworking towards is having a great family and home life. With Rebecca there isno sense of that. She wants money and power, and wants to work hard. It wasreally fun to play a bitchy publicity type.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 11Brie : Vinnie and I took dance lessons for about amonth—twice a week in Santa Monica with The Dance Doctor . On set we would practice, we had been drilling and drilling. On theday when we were shooting, it didn’t quite work in the space we were supposedto do it in. Our choreographer took us outside and redid it, and we had torework it in about an hour. So I wouldsay it took us a month and about an hour to learn the dance.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 12Brie : It took longer than our normalepisodes take. We did a paint ball sequel that will be our finale; it’s a twoparter. It is like a dance. You’re working with someone who is shooting high-speedpaintballs at you—we have a sharpshooter come in. Once you map out where you’regoing to run and then the guy is going to shoot where you’re headed, we’re justrunning for our lives. So our reactions are very authentic.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 13Brie: The Twitter thing happened organically with thecast last year. I was very reluctant at first. I was not on Facebook, never didMyspace, [and neither had] a lot of people in the cast. But it’s a joke we allhave now—when one of us goes, we all follow. It just took Joel (McHale) and Donald (Glover) , and then the rest of us were like, wewant to check this out. We wanted to interact that way. When you’re shooting the TV show, and then itairs weeks or months later, you don’t get to see the fans’ reaction; it’sreally cool to have that direct line to them.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 14Brie : I leave onMonday to go to Ann Arbor to shoot Five-YearEngagement .It’s my second summer there, since that’s where we filmed Scream 4 . I might get a time share! The film stars Jason Segel andEmily Blunt and it’s directed by Nick Stoller, who directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall . The movie is about Emily and Jason’srelationship as an engaged couple and I play her sister who is a bit quirky. It’s probably the biggest departure for me sofar, she’s emotional, but she’s not high strung and ambitious like the othercharacters I’ve played. She’s flightyand kind of a mess. I’ve been working on my British accent. I am working with awonderful coach, watching videos and studying Emily’s voice to get it right.

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      Alison Brie Fashionable Hairstyles 15Alison Brie was born Alison Brie Schermerhorn on the 29th December 1983 in Pasadena, California. She is best known for her role Annie in the NBC comedy, Community and later on, Trudy Campbell in the TV series Mad Men. Alison began her acting career while she was still a child, taking up whatever opportunity she could lay her hands on in the Jewish Community Center in Southern California.


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