Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Ashlee Simpson

      Ashlee Simpson's very long ombre hair was nearly black at the root and a coppery blond at the ends.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Ashlee Simpson

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Ashley Tisdale

      Ashley Tisdale goes ombré with wavy long layers and a smooth top.Distribute a dollop of mousse onto damp hair. Blow dry sections with a round brush while turning the brush several times to add subtle roundness to the length. Spritz a two-inch section with styling spray and starting a few inches away from scalp, loosely wrap it around a large curling iron. Hold for a few seconds and then release and repeat, alternating directions until all hair is wavy.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Ashley Tisdale

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Cameron Diaz

      Natural blond, Cameron Diaz sports a subtle ombre look with her natural roots that blend seamlessly into bright blond ends.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Cameron Diaz

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Drew Barrymore

      Drew Barrymore's ombre hair color is a deep brown at the root and nearly platinum, butter blond at the ends. Maybe it's just me, but all I see are roots and fried ends. Sorry, Drew I'm just not a fan.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Drew Barrymore

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Hilary Duff

      Hilary Duff's ombre hair rather pretty in a "bronde" color, don't you think? For this look, Hilary has a warm medium brown base that flows into a warm medium blond color at the ends. Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Hilary Duff

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Jamie Chung

      Jamie Chung's rich warm brown cascades beautifully into a coppery blond highlight.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Jamie Chung

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Jessica Biel

      I love this Ombre style. Jessica Biel's ombre hair is a little asymmetrical and chic in this here.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Jessica Biel

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Lauren Conrad

      This is my favorite of all of Lauren Conrad's Ombre looks. The color is rich with a subtle lightening effect. Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Lauren Conrad

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Olivia Wilde

      Olivia Wilde proves that ombre color can be done well with bangs.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Olivia Wilde

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Sarah Jessica Parker

      Sarah Jessica Parker traded her golden blond locks in for ombre hair in 2010, and in true SJP fashion, she makes it look absolutely amazing.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Sarah Jessica Parker

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Rachel Bilson

      Rachel Bilson is a beautiful woman, and the ombre color in this photo is well done, but her hair just looks terribly undone, and dry to me. Maybe that's the point?Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Rachel Bilson

      Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Whitney Port

      Some ombre hair blends nicely from dark to blond. Whitney Port must not have been going for that look with this super black at the root that quickly transitions to a bright blond.Celebrity Ombre Hairstyle - Whitney Port


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